Toyota Brand Hub
At Saatchi & Saatchi, my role is to collaborate with both the Brand & Design and Platform teams to ensure a unified expression of the global Unmistakably Toyota guidelines. This page focuses on the effort to update the Toyota Brand Hub, a website that creates alignment among all affiliates to implement traditional marketing.
Brand System Strategy
Technical Documentation
Engineering Collaboration

Core Team
Associate Creative Director
Senior Product Designer
Senior Content Designer

5Sources of truth merged into one
220%Increase in volume of Unmistakably Toyota content on the Brand Hub
12Categories of brand guidance redesigned or created from scratch

System Overview

The Unmistakably Toyota brand platform is the governing guidance for all Toyota marketing & communications in North America. 

Where We Started

Initially, the Toyota Brand Hub was a brochure site that directed users to external resources for guidance. In this phase of work, our primary goal was to consolidate all Unmistakably Toyota content into a single, coherent source of truth. For our cross-disciplinary team, we needed transform our design and delivery process to meet our dev partner’s needs. For the Brand Hub user, we needed a more reliable, less buggy experience.

Content Strategy

To ensure alignment among stakeholders about content consolidation, I developed progressive Information Architecture (IA) diagrams. These diagrams illustrate the process of how, where, and why content is merged, providing a clear and comprehensive overview.

Transforming Delivery

The initial build of the Toyota Brand Hub was more peacemeal and lacked a foundation of reusable and authorable components. Given the significant increase in the site's volume, I advocated for a more modular approach that would enable us to scale effectively while maintaining the balance between utility and inspiration required for housing guidelines.

The Result

In this project, the process was as crucial as the final product. The result is a scalable system designed to evolve in sync with Toyota's growing brand system as it grows to covers a wider range of touchpoints.

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Key collaborators included Senior Visual Designer and Senior Content Designer. I worked closesly with the Senior Content Designer to determine how the guidelines should take shape. At the same tme the Senior Visual Designer worked with me to apply Toyota brand principles to the system itself, as well as the exhibits it features.