Project Overview

︎︎︎ Marketing website redesign
︎︎︎ Content strategy for conversion and support
︎︎︎ Illustration briefing


We parallel-pathed design and content strategy, envisioning the site around specific content needs for conversion, learning, and support. I worked with a third-party developer to lead VQA and accessibility review.

Key Takeaways

Showing domain purchase as part of a larger journey

We learned that many small business owners do not know what they’re actually getting when they purchase a domain — is it a website, too? Does it come with an email? Using the domain purchase as a starting point, the new Get Started section shows a linear journey of unlocking a domain’s potential, from finding a name, to making that name findable.

Surfacing product moments to encourage conversion

In addition to the heavy use of illustration, we also used product moments to spark inspiration. As a gateway to a richer domain search experience, we showcased the broad optionality of alternative domain endings to spark ideas.

Making learning scalable

Today, owning a domain is essential but the process can be surprisingly complex. The new Learn section is the first self-service help center with small business owners in mind. Topics reflect moments in the domain purchase journey, and articles aim to distill dense technical language.